New Unreal Engine 5: Next Level of Gaming Graphics

What’s new in Unreal Engine 5?

On Wednesday, 13th May 2020, Unreal Engine 5 showed its potential in a presentation video released by Epic and many were amazed by the graphic quality that this new graphics engine allows to achieve.

The presentation, in theory, ran in real time on PS5 , but several people are rightly wondering if the graphics shown in this tech demo is actually representative of what Unreal Engine 5 will allow to achieve on next-gen consoles such as Xbox One X and PlayStation 5.

An insider instead decided to publish a head-to-head fight on social media between the previous iteration of the graphics engine and the Unreal Engine 5 through the direct comparison of the respective demos, the first released in 2013 and the second presented today.

Comparison between UE4 & UE5

Both presentation videos were also recorded on the Sony home consoles , PS4 for the Unreal Engine 4 and PS5 for the Unreal Engine 5, and this allows us to observe a direct clash between the current generation of consoles and the next generation.

The comparison was published by Shinobi602, on his Twitter account, a well-known insider in the gaming landscape, who today posted an image on his Twitter account that allows us to observe the incredible improvements that have been implemented over the seven years between the announcement of the Unreal Engine 5 and its predecessor.

Obviously, from 2013 to today, the Unreal Engine 4 has been constantly updated , increasing the functionality and quality of the tools made available to developers from time to time.

This path will most likely also be followed by Unreal Engine 5, which therefore should be able to raise the bar of video quality steadily, during its life on the market.

You can watch the demo here

In short, the Unreal Engine 5 promises to be able to produce settings and effects with surprising quality , but developers will still have to be able to get the best out of this graphics engine.

Moreover, Epic Games has confirmed that the engine will be fully compatible with Unreal Engine 4 . Finally, I remind you that we will have to wait for the end of 2021 to be able to fully benefit from the power of Unreal Engine 5, when the latter will be officially released allowing the development of titles for PlayStation 5 , PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X , Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Let me know what you think of this Epic Unreal Engine 5?


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New Unreal Engine 5: Next Level of Gaming Graphics

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